I’m Julie – Visual Designer specialized in audiovisual contents.

My work connects visual and audio language, interpreting and translating the invisible world of sounds in something visible that eventually amplify our feelings to that.

Every detail is necessary for the whole – It takes sensibility to notice the beauty around us and creativity to show it.


I’m Julie – Drummer and Baritone Sax player.

Grew up playing drums with hardcore punk in veins.

Later on I found out about Funk, Hip Hop and Latin music developing and mixing a polyhedric style.

I’m actually playing and recording with many artists like
Baustelle, Colombre, Chiello, Selton, N.A.I.P, Ninos du Brasil, Memento.

My personal projects are Addict Ameba, Julie Ant & Daniel Plentz (double drumming) and Julie Ant & N.A.I.P.